Lori Petitti

Breast Cancer Research Advocate

Hip Line Media,Inc.


Ten years ago I was looking for a change from my job as a television producer and I tapped my sewing hobby to fulfill that craving.  I created a series of sewing DVD’s  that won awards, prompted people to sew and proved to be very fulfilling.  

In 2016 I retired from the world of television and documentary producing and am embracing the job of being a Breast Cancer  Research Advocate.  There may still be a few documentaries in my future as it is my first love.

I attended the first Research Symposium in September 2016 for ILC (Invasive Lobular Carcinoma) and fittingly, it was my first such symposium.

I will be attending the Dr Susan Love International Symposium on the Breast in 2017. I can be reached at loripetitti(at sign) gmail.

If you’re looking for sewing PDF’s email me at lori (at sign) hiplinemedia (dot com).


Here’s a preview of our quilting DVD with my sister Susie.

Welcome to my world.  Sewing, Family, and BC Advocacy.